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Are you still providing AppLab keys? I've bought this a few years ago and would like one. Please and thank you.

Hey great game buy when I restarted first level caus I honestly for got a few things tried unlocking the number on the 3 pieces of torn paper and put numbers in didn't work I did I put them backwards forwards well everyday possible and nothing wks can't get thru 1st level😒. Help plz


Trying to organize my Quest games and was wondering if its possible to get a key for the game for App Lab if you own the game through itch?

I bought it a while ago and sideloaded it. 


How can I obtain my key for App Lab, please?

Have sent 2 emails in over 7 days to still no reply or applab key ??

Any news for you yet? I've been waiting for 4 days, so not a big deal... but just wondering how long I might expect to wait.

there were some complicated issues running late days. I apologize for the delay, please allow me 2 days to fulfill all Applab requests for all of you that being waiting for the redeem keys. 🙏

Been waiting 3 weeks now for my applab code still no reply from Stormingtech via the email provided.

Hey mate , AppLab keys already sent! Enjoy! Again a big sorry for the delay :-)

Hey mate , AppLab keys already sent! Enjoy! Again a big sorry for the delay :-)

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Can i have my applab key please i have tried emailing and using twitter but had no reply from you guys. Have just emailed you guys. Thanks in advance

Hey macca please send an email at

already sent yesterday from macca2279@ waiting for reply with key thanks

AppLab Key, please.

Will reply on your email mate! :-)

AppLab Key, please!

Sure, email at :-)

Excuse me, but can we receive AppLab keys if we bought the game already on

Thank You

Absolutely Yes

* am proving you with a redeem code on your email as a reply

Works great, thank You.

Hi there - I bought this on itch. Can i get an app lab key?

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Sure just email me at  . Just make sure to include the email you used on to make the purchase,  so i can quickly validate it. :-)

I can't download this game ;( It stops on 206MB/734MB.  Everything is ok with my internet connetion.

It's probably then an issue with itch servers, please retry

I have purchased and download  this game twice  and can't  get it to launch /open

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I purchased this today and downloaded but can't open it in my downloads, I have Oculus 2, please help


Hi Colectum, please try re-downloading the Apk again, as itch sometimes might interapt the proccess and this could result in corrupted file. Please report back if the issue persists!

wow, super i love it...

please fix, this game still freeze on Quest 1..

Hello Harris, please collaborate on this because am not able to reproduce any freezing of the app on quest 1. Have you tried uninstalling first and do a fresh install? Also please make sure the ApK you download from itch is not corrupted, as itch some times won't completely download the files requested. Hope it helps!

so many drop and then freeze on my quest.. can you fix this.. every I play must restart quest..

I really like this game, you have done a great job of bringing  it to Quest.

I have two suggestions:

1) when I lean over a box, the  "world" moves.  The box slides back relative to my view - little disturbing.

2) Please provide a way  to save mid chapter - often I don't have time to finish a session which I know is 30-60 minutes - so I just don't play the game, and I really want to.....

Hey Poletip, glad you like it mate! "Push back" unfortunately is calculated for body, so leaning forward over a small obstacle will active it. For you second request am afraid the answer is the same, because of the game's mechanics, saves can only be done when finishing a chapter. You might want to take it on Easy mode or better check for walkthroughs on YT for the mobile version.  Thank you!  

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I have a gamebreaking bug. In Level 9 i can go downstairs but can`t go upstairs again. There is a invisible Wall.

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Hey Keitaro, please install latest version, this bug is fixed. Please Note that in order to update from versions 1.0-1.12 to 1.15+ you need to uninstall previous version( for future updates this wont be an issue), which on this case you will probably loose all saves made. Fortunately on 1.16 if you go in Options there's an option to Unlock All Levels, so you can continue playing from were you left. :-)


Now there is a Stairs bug in level 10. there where the 2 identical rooms are.

Keitaro do you have 1.16 installed?

Yes. i did the installation on sunday.

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Rechecked it, apparently i was mistaken. Pushed the fix for 1.17, it's ready to download mate. Thanks for the feedback! :-)

Anybody else have the bug on level 2 where the door doesn't unlock after putting the 3 cogs on the wall? Although it makes the sound effect of the door unlocking

Hey supermariobro09, please uninstall previous versions and install latest to fix this. This might loose your progress

IMPORTANT : you may have issues updating to latest versions. If so, please 1st uninstall old and then install latest from SideQuest app. You might endup loosing your progress, so to compensate i've added a "Cheat" for version 1.16+, you may find it in Options/UNLOCK ALL. Moving forward from 1.16 you won't have to uninstall again, updates will work as they should. Sorry for any inconvenience :-)

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Thank you! That really helped out. I thought you did a great job with the game. I read bout your development process on your site, teaching yourself all those programs, and I'm really impressed. Always thought about creating a room escape game myself. I'm familiar with blender but not so much unity/unreal. Tried to teach myself but as you know already, steep learning curve to programming. Are they any resources you could point me in the right direction. I've tried youtube videos but it's been hit or miss in terms of content. Thanks again and best of luck in your future!



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Actually i will begin YT channel for game devs in ue4 probably next month  :-)

It will focus on solo devs starting on ue4, using mostly free tools. Also considering on adding series on how i made each game for each platform! Stay tuned! Join on Discord and i'll let you know when this happens

That's awesome, can't wait to check it out!

Great game but what is this and how do i get rid of it don't know what it is but I look down and that is what i see.

A hotfix is underway! My mistake mate! check for the 1.11 Update in an hour or so

Update 1.11 is available :-)

Already got it :)

The game is great, but I have an issue with level 3, where a note that was previously there, has now disappeared on replay, so I can't progress, or unlock level 4 :(

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Please keep in mind that EVERY TIME you start a level ALL puzzles/items/gems etc. are random. So in other words nothing is missing, but just this time it's being placed somewhere else   :-)

Hopefully it is my mistake, but I did know about the random placement, and I have attempted three times in a row to pass this part of the level. I am unable to open either of the two remaining chests/drawers/boxes with the two keys I have, and I am pretty sure that I have found and opened everything that I did during the session when I was able to locate that 'missing' note! I will try again tonight and update here if I am able to get past this.

My apologies if I have made an error. I don't want to put anyone off buying this. It is an absolute steal at $2.99!

No worries mate, just be sure to check every corner, you'll never know where it's hidden :-)

Hi CaseyRobinson, your game seems very interesting. I do love adventure games in which you need to collect and complete levels. It is remarkable that you have done an incredible work of creating terms and literature. I'm a video game localizer and I have background and experience in audiovisual translation. I would love to localize your game into Spanish and make it more global. How do you feel about it? I'll wait your answer. Take care!

It is StormingTech's game, not CaseyRobinson's ;)


Hi Mr_reamer, please accept my apologies. Could you?

Really cool.  As a VR noob, I would love to have a teleport movement option added.  If you're worried about that throwing the high scores off you could take the time saved directly off the clock.

Hello CaseyRobinson, actually the way whole game is made makes teleportation a bit difficult, but sure score maybe could be removed from teleportation usage, but what about teleporting behind locked doors/rooms ;-) . Will think about it more i guess :-)

I do not have great VR legs so teleport would be a great addition! It really limits my play time in games.

Most teleport implementations have a way to indicate (usually via cursor color) whether you can teleport to the location or not.

Just to inform that Teleport fuctionality will be implemented on next update, in couple of weeks :-)

Just to inform that Teleport fuctionality will be implemented on next update, in couple of weeks :-)

Nice, thanks!

Teleportation is implemented for Update 1.10 ! Enjoy!

Hi. I am having an issue with the game saving my progress. I can see in your notes that you sau to back up before uninstalling, but I am unable to save my progress regardless. Played through level 1 and really enjoyed it, but came back  the next evening and was unable to access level 2 which I had unlocked the night before :(

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Hello  mr_reamer , please reinstall the latest version 1.05 from sidequest the storage permission issue is fixed. You will notice that it will ask you for storage permissions if you haven't provided, this can be seen if working correctly within the app on the main screen. Below Options button, you will see a Permissions text, if the box is colored Red it means you haven't given storage permission, if it's green then well.. you are fine :-)

So glad to see this on the Quest.  I own Escape Legacy on the Go, is there any upgrade to the Quest version or do I need to repurchase?

Hello Frensleven, no unfortunately Escape Legacy wasn't approved for publishing for Quest Store. If it was i believe it could be only shared with users owned the Rift version of the app though. 

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A few bugs to report in quest version.









-In level 3, the paintings are black, so you have to basically guess their orientation.

-In level 4, the orange and red diamonds on the table are almost identical in colour, so again, you need to guess how many of each. 

- In level 4, the colour code lock will not let you select it. As soon as you click on it, it pops up but closes down straight away. This makes progressing to the next level impossible.

Hello Glenn! Please update on latest version, Level 3 Lighting issue on paintings is fixed. Will check your findings for level 4 and report back. Thank you for the feedback!

will do. Thanks. 

Managed to pass level 4 by moving position so I was next to the wall. Just unlocked level 7. Really enjoying this game.